Were Regenerating!

Welcome to Whovian Planet, as you can see were looking a bit different then we were yesterday and have given our self's a bit of a make over (we like it).

As you can probably guess this means that at the moment, none of our pages are operating as we are currently in the process of setting them up and re-uploading the content to them - because of this were also going to add a few new pages to give you fans some new Whovian Planet content!

As with our last post on our old website - we're still in hiatus, meaning that while we re-set up the website, there wont be much posting due to the fact that the show doesn't return in till early 2020 - meaning that the first trailers and news wont start appearing till probably around Christmas or January.

However while we re upload the website - we'll post any news that comes our way!

Whovian Planet Team.

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