Latest Series 12 Update - 01/03/2019

Alongside the news that Doctor Who could return to the Saturday evening slot, new information about Series 12 has emerged!

Firstly Stephen Fry looks like he could be set to join the guest cast of Series 12 as he has been spotted filming in Swansea which over course is in Wales - Doctor Who's home!

The episode that Fry has been rumored to be guest starring in could be set in the past, as a twitter user wrote that Fry was seen in a tweed 40's style suit and their were portraits of Queen Victoria around the set.

In the Doctor Who world, Fry is no stranger as he voiced the "Minister of Chance" in the webcast "Death Comes to Time" - he also wrote a script for series 2 that was never used.

Lastly a director of the series could have also been revealed - Jamie Stone who worked on the fiftieth anniversary minisode "The Last Day" is set to direct a episode according to the CV of a Production Designer on the show. - Link Here.

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