The Judoon are back.... and in Gloucester!!

As teased during the promotion of "Resolution", Doctor Who is bring back a classic villain - The Judoon! 

With filming set to take place in Gloucester it has been confirmed that the Judoon will return who's last major appearance was with David Tennant's Doctor, in the 2007 episode Smith and Jones. Since there debut, they have made smaller cameos in episodes such as The Stolen Earth and The Magician's Apprentice. 

Also joining the Judoon for Series 12 is Silent Witness and Doctor Foster star Neil Stuke. 

Show runner Chris Chibnall said:
"No! Sho! Blo! The Judoon are storming back into Doctor Who in full force, and the streets of Gloucester aren't safe. If anyone has anything to hide, confess now. The Judoon are taking no prisoners, and will stop at nothing to fulfill their mission." 
Series 12 is currently in production with a air date set for early 2020 - Series 12 will most likely contain nine hour long episodes with a feature length premiere episode.

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