Return of the Cold Opening!

Series 11 saw many changes to the format and setup of Doctor Who, one of the biggest changes was the removal of "cold opens" that have appeared in almost every episode up in till "The Woman Who Fell to Earth".

However, fans can rejoice this year as the cold opens are making a come back with show runner Chris Chibnall saying it was an easy decision.  

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Talking about the topic, Chibnall said:

“You won’t necessarily get the ‘scream’ of the opening theme, because the score will go into the titles and stuff like that. But yes [they’re back]!”

Chibnall also revealed that the removal of the cold open in Series 11 wasn't done on purpose, instead the choice was made based on the type stories they were telling with him confirming the same logic has been applied in Series 12, meaning not every episode in Series 12 will contain one.
"So some have a cold open, some don’t. I think the danger is, if you shape everything towards it all the time then your shapes will become predictable"
Chibnall also explained that he had already changed his mind on one episode saying the episode didn't contain a cold open originally but felt the scene in the episode fitted perfectly.

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