BBC set to animate two missing classic episodes!

The BBC have commissioned an animation team to re-create a set of missing Doctor Who stories from the 1960's according to reports from The Mirror.

Patrick Troughton's The Evil of the Daleks and The Abominable Showmen are the episodes that are set to be due to them being missing from the BBC's achieve.

Both stories are from the 1967 series that saw the introduction of Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor and feature his first official moments as the Doctor. The two episodes were wiped by the BBC to create more room in their official archives, all that remained of the episodes were the original audio track and tele-snaps which will be used to animate the missing episodes.

These wont be the first episodes to be animated as nearly a 100 episodes from the early days were wiped and since then some have been also been re-animated - this has proved popular with fans how can experience the stores once again.

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