The 2021/2 Ratings Guide for Jodie Whittaker's final season (Flux) and 2022 Specials as The 13th Doctor.

Figures will be updated as soon as they become available - Read more to view the current figures.

Chapter 1: The Halloween Apocalypse (31st October 2021)

Overnight Ratings: 4.43m
TV Share: 26.9%
+7 Ratings: 5.69m
Final Ratings: 5.81m
AI: 76

Chapter 2: War of the Sontarans (7th November 2021) 

Overnight Ratings: 3.96m
TV Share: N/A
+7 Ratings: 5.02m
Final Ratings: 5:13m
AI: 77

Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time (14th November 2021)

Overnight Ratings: 3.76m
TV Share: N/A
+7 Ratings: 4.59m
Final Ratings: 4.70m
AI: 75

Chapter 4: Village of the Angels (21st November 2021)

Overnight Ratings: 3.45m
TV Share: 24.7%
+7 Ratings: 4.47m
Final Ratings: 4.57m
AI: 79

Chapter 5: Survivors of the Flux (27th November 2021)

Overnight Ratings: 3:82m
TV Share: 26.6%
+7 Ratings: 4.72m
Final Ratings: 4.83m
AI: 77

Chapter 6: The Vanquishers (5th December 2021)

Overnight Ratings: 3.58m
TV Share: 20.7%
+7 Ratings 4.53m
Final Ratings: 4.61m
AI: 76

2022 New Years Day Special: Eve of the Daleks (1st January 2022)

Overnight Ratings: 3.21m
TV Share: 21.2%
+7 Ratings: 4.30m
Final Ratings 4.40m
AI: 77

2022 Spring Special: Legend of the Sea Devils (17th April 2022)

Overnight Ratings: 2.20m
TV Share: 20.6%
+7 Ratings: 3.34m
Final Ratings: 3.47m
AI: 76

2022 BBC Centenary Special (October 2022)

Overnight Ratings: 
TV Share:
+7 Ratings
Final Ratings

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