Spin Offs

TV Spin-Offs (1981 - 2016)

K-9 & Company
The first official Doctor Who spin-off was commissioned by then producer John Nathan Turner and was based around the Doctors robotic dog K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith - only one episode was produced titled "A Girl's Best Friend" (the single episode even produced decent viewing figures at 8.4 millon - higher then the average figures produced throughout the entire of Nathan-Turners Era), however the series was disapproved by the new controller of BBC One at the time and was simply cancelled. 

The Second spin-off series were a set of mini episodes that were produced to coincide with the 2006 series and linked directly to episodes in the series - viewership of the mini-episodes never reached the expected levels and the series was simply discontinued. 

The Third and First successful spin-off of the series was Torchwood (a word used to hide Doctor Who's return in 2005 and is "Doctor Who" rearranged) - the series was based in Cardiff and was based around a group of alien fighters protecting the Earth headed by Captain Jack Harkness who himself had appeared in the main series. The first series (containing 13 episodes) aired on BBC Three and due to its success was soon moved to BBC Two for its second series (also containing 13 episodes). The Third Series was moved to BBC One and labelled a Mini Series due to it only containing 5 episodes, the series broke records, with the BBC One controller calling Russell T Davies to congratulate him on the series success - a fourth series was soon announced in partnership with US TV Channel Starz and to contain 10 episodes however unlike the three previous series, reaction to the fourth was mixed.

Russell T Davies and the BBC placed the show in indefinite hiatus in 2012 due to personal reasons.

The Sarah Jane Adventures 
The Fourth and Second Successful spin-off was The Sarah Jane Adventures based on the Doctor's former Companion Sarah Jane Smith - the series was created because the BBC wanted a Doctor Who spin-off that could be aired on CBBC and the initial idea from the BBC was a series about a young Doctor Who - Davies vetoed the idea and suggested a series based around Sarah Jane who had just returned to Doctor Who in "School Reunion"

The Series ran for Five Series, however during production the fifth Series, Elizabeth Sladen sadly passed away - the BBC and Davies requested permission from Sladen's family to air the episodes that had been already filmed and it was agreed the series would come to an end after the airing of the remaining episodes.

Elizabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith is to date the only companion from the show to star in two successful spin-offs.




With Russell T Davies return, it is expected that the Doctor Who Universe could follow a similar route to the MCU with more spin off shows expected to be announced - fuelled even more by the creation of a company called Whoniverse 1 Ltd .

Behind the Scenes (1977 - 2018)

Whose Doctor Who

Thirty Years in the Tardis


Doctor Who Confidential
A Behind the Scenes Series that gave viewers a weekly insight into how the show was created, the Series aired on BBC Three and aired straight after that weeks episode had been broadcast on BBC One. The Show was cancelled after Doctor Who Sixth Series due to Budget Cuts and soon after BBC Three closed down as a TV Channel

Totally Doctor Who
Similar to Doctor Who Confidential, however the series aired on CBBC and was aimed at younger viewers.

Torchwood Declassified
Similar to Doctor Who Confidential but for Torchwood instead.

The Commentaries

The Science of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Extra
A Permanent Replacement for Doctor Who Confidential that was released on the Doctor Who website at the conclusion of that weeks episode - the series started after premiere of "Deep Breath" and was continued up to series nine's final "Hell Bent"  - two one-of episodes were produced for "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" and "Twice Upon a Time" however for the Tenth Series the show was replaced with "The Fan Show"

The Fan Show

Special Spin-Offs (1993 - 2013)

Dimensions in Time

Due to the fact that Doctor Who had been very profitable for BBC Enterprises (the commercial side of the BBC) during its original run - BBC Enterprises commissioned a film to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 1993 - titled The Dark Dimension, the story would of seen multiple Doctors appear. 

The Story was written by Adrian Rigelsford and was to be directed by Graeme Harper - footage was shot for the Special before it shelved for unknown reasons, however the BBC had already announced that something was been produced and instead the Children in Need Special Dimensions in Time was produced instead to celebrate the shows 30th anniversary.  

The Curse of Fatal Death

Scream of the Shalka

An Adventure in Space and Time

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Films (1965 - 1966)

Dr Who and the Daleks

Dalek's Invasion Earth 21500 A.D.

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