Series 12

Series 12 of Doctor Who is due to air in early 2020 will contain 10 episodes.

Jodie Whittaker will return as the 13th Doctor in her second series, alongside Series 11's companions Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill in their respective roles.

The Series will also contain a Special Episode which will be aired on either Christmas Day or New Years Day.

Filming for the series started in January and concluded in October 2019, like Peter Capaldi's Series 10, no series was aired during 2019 with Series 11 airing in 2018 and Series 12 set to air in early 2020.

Head Writer Chris Chibnall will return - Ed Hime, Pete McTighe, Vinay Patel, Nina Metivier, Maxine Alderton and Charlene James are all set to write for the series.

Directors for the series include Jamie Stone who will direct Block 1 and 5, Lee Haven Jones who will direct Block 2 and a extra block rumoured to contain the special, Nida Manzoor who will direct Block 3 and Emma Sullivan who will direct Block 4.

Alex Mercer will return as a producer with Nikki Wilson likely to return as well.

------ EPISODES ------

Written by: Chris Chibnall and Directed by: Jamie Stone

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Lee Haven Jones

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Lee Haven Jones

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Nida Manzoor

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Jamie Stone

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Nida Manzoor

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Emma Sullivan

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Emma Sullivan

Written by: TBA and Directed by: Jamie Stone

Written by: Chris Chibnall and Directed by: Jamie Stone

2020 Special - 
Written by: Chris Chibnall and Directed by: Lee Haven Jones

------ VILLAINS ------

The Judoon - (confrimed)
The Cybermen - (filming photos suggest their return)
The Daleks - (filming photos suggest the return of the Time War Daleks and Resolution Daleks)

------ GUEST STARS ------

Suki Cheng played by: Molly Harris

TBA played by: Neil Stuke

Ruth Clayton played by: Jo Martin

Queen Skithra played by Rani Chandra

Marcia played by Julia Foster

Noor Inayat Khan played by Auurora Marion

Nevi played by James Buckley

TBA played by Maxim Baldry

Mary Shelly played by TBA

TBA played by Jacob Collins-Levy

Agent Browning played by Dominique Maher

Seesay played by Darron Meyer

------ RATINGS ------

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