Series 13


The Thirteenth Series of Doctor Who entitled "Flux" premiered on 31st October 2021 with "The Halloween Apocalypse" and concluded on the 5th December 2021 with "The Vanquishers".

Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whitakker returned for their third and final season as showrunner and The Thirteenth Doctor respectively - Mandip Gill also returned as Yasmin "Yaz" Khan.

The Series saw the introduction of John Bishop as the Doctor's newest travelling companion Dan Lewis. Jacob Anderson also joined the series as recurring character Vinder.

Production on the series was impacted by Coronavirus Pandemic meaning the series only contained six regular episodes compared to the normal ten that have been standard throughout Jodie Whitaker's run.

All episodes in the series we're written by Chris Chibnall with the only exception being episode four which was co-written by Maxine Alderton - Jamie Mangus Stone and Azhur Saleem were the main directors on the series (three episodes each).

Main Cast:

  • Jodie Whittaker as The 13th Doctor
  • Mandip Gill as Yasmin "Yaz" Khan
  • John Bishop as Dan Lewis



Chapter 1: The Halloween Apocalypse
31st October 2021
Chris Chibnall
Jamie Magnus Stone

Chapter 2: War of the Sontarans
7th November 2021
Chris Chibnall
Jamie Magnus Stone

Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time
14th November 2021
Chris Chibnall
Azhur Saleem

Chapter 4: Village of the Angels
21st November 2021
Chris Chibnall & Maxine Alderton
Jamie Magnus Stone

Chapter 5: Survivors of the Flux
28th November 2021
Chris Chibnall
Azhur Saleem

Chapter 6: The Vanquishers
5th December 2021
Chris Chibnall
Azhur Saleem

Recurring Cast:

  • Jacob Anderson as Vinder
  • Craige Els as The Karvanista 
  • Steve Oram as Joseph Williamson
  • Nadia Albina as Diane
  • Sam Spruell as the Swarm 
  • Barbara Fadden as the Weeping Angel 
  • Dan Starkey as Kragar
  • Jonathan Watson as Skaak / Sontaran Commander Riskaw
  • Annabel Scholey as Claire Brown
  • Rochenda Sandall as Azure
  • Thaddea Graham as Bel
  • Craig Parkinson as Grand Serpent
  • Kevin McNally as Professor Jericho
  • Barbara Flynn as Awsok/Tecteun
  • Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart
  • Paul Kasey as the Ood - voiced by Silas Carson

Guest Stars:

  • Matthew Needham as Old Swarm (Episode 1 and 3)
  • Sara Powell as Mary Seacole (Episode 2)
  • Sue Jenkins as Elieen (Episode 2)
  • Nicholas Briggs as the Voice of the Cybermen (Episode 3)
  • Alex Frost as Reverend Shaw (Episode 4)
  • Blake Harrison as Namaca (Episode 4)
  • Robert Bathurst as Farquhar (Episode 5)
  • Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier (Episode 5)


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